2015-06-08 01:47:05 by DJ-Howwl

Hello! So, as you all know, I'm a student, and during this time of the year, I'm on summer break! What does this mean? It means I am able to dedicate more of my time to doing what I do best! I apologize for my lack of activity during the beginning of this year until this point, since I was struggling in school and was struck with a lack motivation. But, I've been slowly getting back into the groove of things.

I've released a couple of tracks since my last update, with an increase in quality. (I'm actually compressing my tracks now.) :3 Both remixes and originals.

Here are three originals I've released:

They were both different from my usual chaotic style of mixing.
Here's my latest remix:

In anycase, so far this year has been slow for me. My lack of motivation got really difficult to get anything done, not to mention the several project I had planned and started but never finished quickly turned tedious as I multi tasked them and I didn't know what do. But that's over now! Once I get started on a project, I'll try to focus on that project to see it through that it gets done. And I have a few project that I'd like to get done over summer, that I started but never got to finish. So expect some of that soon. :D
Have a great one!

Last Note: I hit 50 subs on youtube and it's steadily climbing, so I hope I can still count on your guys support! :3 Love you all.

Happy Valentines Day!

2015-02-14 18:53:06 by DJ-Howwl

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
So me being the most entertaining person at any party I have gifted all of you with my newest Dark/Epic/Jazzy/Sinister/Fast Dubstep Orchestra piece!

Long Live The King!

In other news, I'm done with originals for a while and I have quite a few request for remixes. So I'll be working on those. Along with I made a Tumblr account that my friend so strongly advised I'd make. So come check it out.
I am new to Tumblr and stuff so if you guys have any suggestions I'm open to them.
Other than that, I hope everybody enjoys their Valentines Day, I for one am spreading Singles Awareness Day, then tomorrow I'll go and buy all the chocolate that are going to go on sale! Have a nice day!

Update: Concerning Feburary/School's done killing me

2015-01-25 04:02:44 by DJ-Howwl

Aight, so now that the hell that was the beginning of the second term/semester is over, I have time to organize and cover everything. School is now more stabilized, so I won't be complaing about it anymore lol. But I am still playing at for the Superbowl, so check that out.

Now then, Matters Concerning Feburary.
So, I am yet to work on the remix for Ashita Mata Aeru Yo Ne, but I'll get it done sometime, between all of Febuary and early March. But that doesn't mean I won't be working on nothing else, in fact, I have a new original coming up called, Long Live The King, and I'm currently working on a remix for Gourmet Race 2.

Long Live The King is an Orchestral/Digital/Epic/Dark/Original work of mine that's in the making and since I am known those Fast Paced Orchestrations, such as Heika, I decided, to make another and since I had a Sinister Royalty Theme I promtly named it so.
Here's a sneak peek: https://soundcloud.com/hwowl/preview-king

Gourmet Race 2 Remix is gonna be a Dubstep Remix. I was looking through my old FL Studios project files, and I listened to my first attempt back 2 years ago. It was horrible, period. I can't believe how much I sucked at making music back then, omg the cringe. Anyways, it was commissioned by an old friend of mine's and recently I thought I'd pick it back up and my friend said he'd like to hear a remix of it now. And I'd like to fix up my style of mixing. Anyways, that was the story behind it.
And, here's another sneak peek: https://soundcloud.com/hwowl/preview-gourmet

So, that's what's going to happen in Febuary and the beginning of this year wasn't anything special, but I feel like making this one stand out. So I'm going to do my best, and I hope you all enjoy.
So to sum it up:
- Ashita Mata Aeru Yo Ne Remix, haven't started yet. Priority Level - Most
- Gourmet Race 2 Remix, Work in Progress. Priority Level - Least
- Long Live The King Original, Work in Progress. Priority Level - Second Most

Plus anything else I decide to do and or have time for.
See you gais in Febuary <333

Oh yeah,
PS. My Birthday Is Febuary 4th. :P

So, I am a normal teenager, and I have a life, and stuff. So I won't be posting as much, soooooooo, yeah, sorry.
Basically, it's going to affect how much work I get done and how much I post. Which is less, with all the new semester, along with the unforgiving barrage of Homework that my teacher's decided was the devil's work for a 15 year old.
Hope you guys don't hate me ;-;
Lol, in anycase, I do have some good news, I will be finishing up the Kanashimi (Sorrow) OST Remix, from Black Rock Shooter, soon. So, you can have that to look forward to. And I'm collabing with a vocal artist, buuuuuuuuut Newgrounds, is ify with the whole thirdparty stuff... So that may or may not be a thing. Who knows, but I will be sure to post the instrumental, AT LEAST.

But that's all, school, get your hopes high, but not too high, and stay awesome. =3

Heyyy, so I'm Howwl_ or DJ-Howwl, although, I don't say I'm a DJ, so just call me Howwl.
I am NEW to NEWgrounds, as the post suggests XD. And I'm having a problem deciding on what I should put on Newgrounds.

For the time being I'm generally posting my original stuff. But I want to try to put remixes on here as well, but I am extremely scared by the strictness of Newground's copyright policies. So that's what I have to say. I will check my remixes and see if they match the policies and I'll then post them on here. :D