Entry #1

So I'm NEW to NEWgrounds hehehehe

2015-01-06 08:27:04 by DJ-Howwl

Heyyy, so I'm Howwl_ or DJ-Howwl, although, I don't say I'm a DJ, so just call me Howwl.
I am NEW to NEWgrounds, as the post suggests XD. And I'm having a problem deciding on what I should put on Newgrounds.

For the time being I'm generally posting my original stuff. But I want to try to put remixes on here as well, but I am extremely scared by the strictness of Newground's copyright policies. So that's what I have to say. I will check my remixes and see if they match the policies and I'll then post them on here. :D


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2015-01-06 08:42:44

Meh. It's worth a shot. +follow

DJ-Howwl responds:

Wow, you guys waste no time, Thanks!