School is killing me, over and over.

2015-01-08 01:09:26 by DJ-Howwl

So, I am a normal teenager, and I have a life, and stuff. So I won't be posting as much, soooooooo, yeah, sorry.
Basically, it's going to affect how much work I get done and how much I post. Which is less, with all the new semester, along with the unforgiving barrage of Homework that my teacher's decided was the devil's work for a 15 year old.
Hope you guys don't hate me ;-;
Lol, in anycase, I do have some good news, I will be finishing up the Kanashimi (Sorrow) OST Remix, from Black Rock Shooter, soon. So, you can have that to look forward to. And I'm collabing with a vocal artist, buuuuuuuuut Newgrounds, is ify with the whole thirdparty stuff... So that may or may not be a thing. Who knows, but I will be sure to post the instrumental, AT LEAST.

But that's all, school, get your hopes high, but not too high, and stay awesome. =3


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