Update: Concerning Feburary/School's done killing me

2015-01-25 04:02:44 by DJ-Howwl

Aight, so now that the hell that was the beginning of the second term/semester is over, I have time to organize and cover everything. School is now more stabilized, so I won't be complaing about it anymore lol. But I am still playing at for the Superbowl, so check that out.

Now then, Matters Concerning Feburary.
So, I am yet to work on the remix for Ashita Mata Aeru Yo Ne, but I'll get it done sometime, between all of Febuary and early March. But that doesn't mean I won't be working on nothing else, in fact, I have a new original coming up called, Long Live The King, and I'm currently working on a remix for Gourmet Race 2.

Long Live The King is an Orchestral/Digital/Epic/Dark/Original work of mine that's in the making and since I am known those Fast Paced Orchestrations, such as Heika, I decided, to make another and since I had a Sinister Royalty Theme I promtly named it so.
Here's a sneak peek: https://soundcloud.com/hwowl/preview-king

Gourmet Race 2 Remix is gonna be a Dubstep Remix. I was looking through my old FL Studios project files, and I listened to my first attempt back 2 years ago. It was horrible, period. I can't believe how much I sucked at making music back then, omg the cringe. Anyways, it was commissioned by an old friend of mine's and recently I thought I'd pick it back up and my friend said he'd like to hear a remix of it now. And I'd like to fix up my style of mixing. Anyways, that was the story behind it.
And, here's another sneak peek: https://soundcloud.com/hwowl/preview-gourmet

So, that's what's going to happen in Febuary and the beginning of this year wasn't anything special, but I feel like making this one stand out. So I'm going to do my best, and I hope you all enjoy.
So to sum it up:
- Ashita Mata Aeru Yo Ne Remix, haven't started yet. Priority Level - Most
- Gourmet Race 2 Remix, Work in Progress. Priority Level - Least
- Long Live The King Original, Work in Progress. Priority Level - Second Most

Plus anything else I decide to do and or have time for.
See you gais in Febuary <333

Oh yeah,
PS. My Birthday Is Febuary 4th. :P


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