Happy Valentines Day!

2015-02-14 18:53:06 by DJ-Howwl

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
So me being the most entertaining person at any party I have gifted all of you with my newest Dark/Epic/Jazzy/Sinister/Fast Dubstep Orchestra piece!

Long Live The King!

In other news, I'm done with originals for a while and I have quite a few request for remixes. So I'll be working on those. Along with I made a Tumblr account that my friend so strongly advised I'd make. So come check it out.
I am new to Tumblr and stuff so if you guys have any suggestions I'm open to them.
Other than that, I hope everybody enjoys their Valentines Day, I for one am spreading Singles Awareness Day, then tomorrow I'll go and buy all the chocolate that are going to go on sale! Have a nice day!


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2015-02-22 15:56:12

Dude, Long Live the King is a big holyshit to be. Awesome piece. The detail and complexity are blown!

DJ-Howwl responds:

Thanks! It was the biggest project that I've ever made, with a lot of experimenting since I've never mixed both electronic and orchestral. XD But it paid out in the end. The mixing could've been better though, I could've used a compressor. Glad you enjoyed!