Entry #5


2015-06-08 01:47:05 by DJ-Howwl

Hello! So, as you all know, I'm a student, and during this time of the year, I'm on summer break! What does this mean? It means I am able to dedicate more of my time to doing what I do best! I apologize for my lack of activity during the beginning of this year until this point, since I was struggling in school and was struck with a lack motivation. But, I've been slowly getting back into the groove of things.

I've released a couple of tracks since my last update, with an increase in quality. (I'm actually compressing my tracks now.) :3 Both remixes and originals.

Here are three originals I've released:

They were both different from my usual chaotic style of mixing.
Here's my latest remix:

In anycase, so far this year has been slow for me. My lack of motivation got really difficult to get anything done, not to mention the several project I had planned and started but never finished quickly turned tedious as I multi tasked them and I didn't know what do. But that's over now! Once I get started on a project, I'll try to focus on that project to see it through that it gets done. And I have a few project that I'd like to get done over summer, that I started but never got to finish. So expect some of that soon. :D
Have a great one!

Last Note: I hit 50 subs on youtube and it's steadily climbing, so I hope I can still count on your guys support! :3 Love you all.


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2015-06-08 02:12:18

Oh hell yes to more time to doing stuff you enjoy doing! That's basically how I saw this summer haha, but I'm happy for ya! Always trying to find time during school physically and mentally can cause a lot of unnecessary stress for me at least, I kept trying to juggle a lot without realizing it.

Also congrats on the subs! I'd be glad to sub 4 sub with you on YouTube cause wow I really enjoy This Is Me and if you post new things on there I wanna hear them hehe ^^

DJ-Howwl responds:

You said it, school can get stressful if you don't plan accordingly, so I'm hoping that I can work out a schedule so I won't be so overwhelmed this year.
And sure! I like your gaming content, it's enjoyable to watch ^_^